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It’s important to carefully control the chemical balance in pools. Dangerous pathogens thrive in water, and a pool filled with untreated water is a perfect place for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another.

Water with the wrong chemical balance can also damage the various parts of the pool and lead to expensive repair costs. Improperly balanced water can irritate cause harm to the swimmer and also turn the water cloudy. Below are handouts on how to properly maintain the chemical balance in pools.

Please call the Water Quality and Hazardous Waste bureau at (385) 468-3862 if there are any questions.

Water Treatment Links

Pool Calculation

(Volume to turnover ratio)

Pool/Spa Operation Parameters (20 KB)

Pool Daily Log Sheet

ANSI/NSPI Recommended Guidelines

Disinfectant Levels and Chemical Parameters

Dosages Required to Chemically Treat 10,000 Gallons of Water

Skimmer Diagram

CDC Guidelines for Fecal Accident

(Kill Crypto - Hyperchlorination)

Fecal Accident Incident Report

Proper Disposal of Wastewater (1.3 MB)