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File a Report or Complaint

The Salt Lake County Health Department relies on the public to notify health officials of any problems in the community that they observe.

The following links will connect you with the appropriate form for your complaint or report. You may also call our public reporting line at the number below.

Public Reporting Line


The public reporting line is staffed Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm; in the case of environmental and infectious disease emergencies, callers will be connected to the appropriate 24-hour on-call staff person.

Online Reporting Forms

To file a wood-burning (on an air action day) complaint:
Air Pollution

If you suspect you have food poisoning:
Foodborne Illness

If you've observed a restaurant violation:
Restaurant/Food Service Violation

To report an infectious disease (see reportable disease list):
Infectious Disease

To file a complaint about a swimming pool, illegal dumping into storm drains or waterways, or a hazardous waste issue:
Water Quality and Hazardous Waste

If you've observed an excessively polluting motor vehicle:
Smoking Vehicle

To file a complaint about noise or to report a chemically contaminated property (meth lab), OR to report a violation associated with cosmetology, body art, massage, tanning, hotel/motel, secondhand cigarette smoke in a multiunit dwelling, or a landlord/housing issue:
Sanitation & Safety

To report cigarette, e-cigarette, or other tobacco-smoking violations of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act:
File a Smoking Complaint